Saturday, June 9, 2012

okay i thought i posted what i was doing but nope. Okay i'm working on mastering the pen tool, which i think is coming along. Both pieces here are from my illustration I class with maetto C. the early post is a ad i did for lime crime lipstick and this one is a cartoon portrait of Olive from little miss sunshine.
    I also tried a bit of coloring and i hoping to figure it out soon.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

this its the original line drawing done on watercolor paper.

here i took it into illustrator and used the pen tool to outline.

and here i used the a wired thingy tool to make the line weight more calligraphic
okay here this is actually my first post, but i screwed something up somewhere. This is image i did for an assignment done for Brotato in ill. I the assignment was to create an ad for real life product. "Contessa Flouressa" on the great pink plant with her pet chinchilla, which is all names of limp sticks sold on there website.