Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Olga - my first post

Hi, guys!
I want to say that I am very happy that this thing exists and is already started, I am really looking forward to all the awesome critiques and sharing that is going to happen here. I am back home for a couple of weeks already and it took me quite a while to settle down so I was kind of slacking of on this thing, but now I would like to publicly admit that and get my portion of humiliation. From now on I am staying committed to the plan that I made up for myself for the summer. What are all of you guys doing? Do we all need to be publicly humiliated?;)
So speaking about my plan for the summer   - Nery asked to write what we want to work on - so my things are:
1) Sketches. I want to learn to express volume through line weight properly because this year my drawings have improved from being flat to being more differentiated in the line thickness and sometimes are getting a feel of volume, but still at times they are messy and unclear - I want to learn to show the volume well consistently and masterfully =D
2) Human figure. I have discovered I do not know enough about the basic structure of human body - it takes me a super-long time to get the anatomically convincing human figures and I want to be able to do it easily out of my head. So I've scanned the Andrew Loomis book from the library and I PROMISE! to do at least one hour of figure drawing+reading per day.
3) Painting. Being in Robin Cody's class has shown me that there is still much to improve so I want to do just AWESOME paintings and I am going to go landscape-painting for three hours every day that I do not have work in the morning. Today was my first painting day! My weaknesses that she pointed out were - too much of color simplification, a bit boring pieces, sometimes because I try to neutralize all the colors. Also the balance of soft edges and sharp edges and the rest, I guess, would come up during the critiques of individual projects.
4) My own art. I really want to do something that would just give pleasure to me out of the school assignments, to say something that I really want to say myself. So I have a whole bunch of ideas about different projects I'd love to do, among them is learning to do some digital(most probably it's going to be fantasy) and just my own cool ideas. 
Well, this is it, I'd love to hear from all of you about your plans, too=)And any comments or questions are surely more then welcome. 
Also, here is a bunch of things that I did since the end of school year. Tell me what you think, please:
Here are some snails that I did for the headmaster of the russian Lyceum,where I studied:

A couple of sketches of people that I did in the metro:

 A painting sketch (size is around 3x3 inches ) that I did in my favourite park/museum near by my house:

Monday, May 7, 2012

In the beginning

All right folks, it’s time to get back to the grind. This blog is here to motivate and provide feedback.

Some ground rules:

-No softball crits:  Be tough. Point out things that are working but if things are not point them out as well and try and provide solutions or examples that illustrate your point.

-Post Progress once a week: Each Thursday Post an update with art and sketches, even if they are just quick studies. You will be publicly shamed if you fail to update.

-All non update posts have to be about making art: A discussion on color theory, or what new oil medium you have just started using both fine. Lets try and keep “check out this cool artist’s blog” to a minimum unless you think some one specific will fined it useful.

So what should your first Post Look like? You should Tell us What you thinks your strengths and weaknesses are , and give us a few examples of your work..  Simple as that.

If we all bust our asses at getting good I have a feeling that the Riningling class of 2014 is going to be a powerhouse. Songs will be written about us and sung down th…  well maybe not but we can still be one of the better classes to graduate in a few years.